Announcing REBar Camp Calgary – An Unconference Conference Image

Announcing REBar Camp Calgary – An Unconference Conference


Why do you go to conferences? Do you want to be entertained? Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to learn? All of the above?

Real Estate Bar Camp Calgary may be for you!

Real Estate Bar Camp is an ad-hoc gathering of real estate professionals through which attendees can share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

Here’s what the main REBarCamp website says about the movement: It’s different. The REBarCamp (REBC) movement says to the attendees, “What would you like to learn about and why are you here?” The attendees then help to create the conference. Actually, let’s change that to conference(s) as most REBCs have a series of different sessions going on at the same time. But who is going to be the speaker? The REBC says, “If you want to speak you can speak” and taking it one step further, “but the speaker shouldn’t be the speaker, they should instead lead the discussion.”

This is what makes the REBC movement so different – attendees have the chance to learn what they need to learn and if they have questions about something, they have the opportunity to get an answer. At the end of the day, everyone walks away happy—feeling the day has been a worthwhile learning experience.

Now, the Alberta Real Estate Association, the Calgary Real Estate Board and the Real Estate Council of Alberta are working together to bring you Alberta’s first-ever REBarCamp, in Calgary, on May 2, 2012. AREA, creb® and RECA aren’t setting the REBarCamp Calgary agenda or deciding on the session topics and speakers. If you’re interested in attending this event or facilitating a session for it, watch for the REBarCamp Calgary website with more information coming soon.

Save the date and get ready to make history as part of Alberta’s first REBarCamp—May 2, 2012.