Social Media and Real Estate: Adding Noise or Creating Value? Image

Social Media and Real Estate: Adding Noise or Creating Value?


An article a couple of weeks ago in Western Investor, a Vancouver publication that highlights commercial real estate, franchises and business opportunities, caught my eye. “Social media time suck.”

The author is making the point that real estate professionals have been quick to jump on board the social media bandwagon, but slow to figure out how best to use it.

Remember that social media is meant to be social. It’s not meant as a one-way push of information, links or sales pitches. Sure, every so often you’re going to want to Tweet out your latest listing or advertise an open house—but to be most effective, it can’t just be about sales.

Think of using social media in the same way you might approach a cocktail party. You may bring some business cards when you go to a cocktail party, and if asked, I’m sure you’re willing to give one out—but you wouldn’t barge into that party, immediately start handing out business cards and talking up your newest listing, right? Take the time to engage in conversations with your followers and build relationships.

The article in the Western Investor has a few additional suggestions for real estate professionals who want to use social media:

  • Make the shift from a one-way broadcast to two-way conversation
  • Ensure your social media tactics have a strategy behind them
  • Think about using social media to become a neighbourhood ambassador. Send out links to community events or help local businesses get their message out; it’s not all about selling a listing you have in a given area.

Join the conversation, but don’t dominate it. Add value, not noise.

How do you use social media? How do you add value and limit noise?