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Top 5 Inquiries to RECA


Have you ever wondered what questions other people are asking the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)?

Here are the top five telephone call and email topics RECA information officers respond to:

  1. Certified Criminal Record Checks: All industry members must obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC) prior to becoming authorized by RECA. RECA gets thousands of calls each year from individuals wanting to know if RECA has received their CCRC from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa. The most efficient way to find out if RECA has received your CCRC is to email, and include full name and birth date and your question.
  2. Labour Mobility: Last year, RECA authorized more than 70 industry members from other jurisdictions. The majority of those individuals came to Alberta from Ontario and British Columbia, but we have also authorized qualified individuals from Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and the United States. Find more information on labour mobility.
  3. AKA requests: Anyone wishing to use an also known as (AKA) name in their work as a real estate and mortgage brokerage licensee, must first have that AKA name approved by RECA. RECA often fields calls from industry members wanting to immediately begin using an AKA name. The proper process is to put the request in writing and email it to RECA at You will get a response from RECA via email much quicker than by telephone on such AKA requests—just make sure you wait for confirmation from RECA that your AKA name has been approved before beginning to use it.
  4. Reinstatement: RECA information officers receive thousands of calls and emails every year regarding reinstatement in the industry. Many of the calls and emails come from individuals wanting to know when they were last authorized and what they have to do in order to re-instate in the industry. Reinstatement information is available on To find out the specifics for your personal situation, your best bet is to send an email to with your full name and date of birth, and any questions you have about returning to the industry.
  5. Re-Licensing Education Program (REP) requirements: REP topics and course frequency is determined by RECA based on its experience administering the Real Estate Act and the feedback it receives from its advisory committees and industry associations. REP courses reflect consumer protection issues and other issues affecting the business of industry members. To find out if there are any REP requirements for your industry sector, review the current REP information on