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‘Tis the Season


Early next week the lights on the RECA licensing system will turn yellow, signalling the start of the 2011 renewal season. All industry members must renew their licence and registration with RECA on or prior to September 30, 2011 in order to remain authorized to trade in real estate and deal in mortgages.

All brokerages should expect their renewal packages to arrive electronically via email. To make sure yours is received, brokers should ensure their brokerage contact emails on the RECA Online system are correct.

Renewal requirements, procedures, FAQs and blank renewal forms are currently live on the RECA website. To view the registration renewal page for you industry sector click on the appropriate link below. These pages are public, and are for your information only. Brokers will download their official renewal materials via RECA Online after receiving their renewal packages.

  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage
  • Property Management

Please pay special attention to the changes to the renewal process, particularly the new brokerage amendments procedures and new suitability questions on renewal forms.

Remember to start the renewal process early. You can renew as soon as the lights on RECA Online go yellow early next week. Call and email volumes at RECA spike sharply in September, and you are more likely to have a smooth renewal and avoid a lapse in authorization the earlier you begin.