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Taking Responsibility for Authorization Verification


Renewal time is just around the corner. Do you know how to confirm whether you have been renewed?

Now is the perfect time for a reminder that ultimately no one but you, as an industry professional, is responsible for applying for and verifying that you have been issued a licence by RECA before trading in real estate and dealing in mortgages. The same holds true at renewal time. You may have been authorized as of September 30, you will not be authorized to provide services as of October 1.

The best way to ensure you are authorized is to use the “Search for an Industry Member” function on the RECA website. Visit the RECA website at www.reca.ca, and click on “Industry Members” and then click on “Search for an Industry Member” under “Featured Resources.” This system will only display your name when you search if you are currently authorized. Alternatively, you can click here to access the search function. Your name will come up with a “green light” beside it if you use the search function and you are currently authorized. If your name does not come up, or comes up with a black or grey light beside it, you are not authorized to trade in real estate and deal in mortgages services in Alberta.

Even if you have delegated another individual or company to complete the licensing process with RECA on your behalf, as an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring RECA has issued you a licence prior to participating in activities that require a licence. If your delegate makes an error in the licensing process or the licensing process is not completed for whatever reason, you cannot provide services for which a licence is required. If you do, you will have breached s. 17 of the Act by engaging in unauthorized practice and may be subject to sanction.

Anyone who participates in unauthorized practice may be issued an Administrative Penalty up to $25,000 per contravention or may be charged with an offence under the Act and prosecuted in Provincial Court. If convicted, in addition to a fine of up to $25,000, the individual may be required to return all commissions and other remuneration received related to the unauthorized activities.

For brokers and broker delegates who are unfamiliar with the RECA Online licence application and/or renewal process, RECA will be presenting 20-minute webinars this summer in advance of the renewal period leading into September 30, 2011. The webinars will be free of charge and will also provide an opportunity to ask questions. More information will be sent via email in July.

How can RECA help industry members take responsibility for their own licensing obligations?