Industry Continues to Grow Throughout Economic Downturn Image

Industry Continues to Grow Throughout Economic Downturn


The recent industry member survey conducted by us in early February highlighted the perception that more and more people were leaving the industry due to the economic downturn, and that no one was entering to take their place.

You can see that at height of the downturn in 2009 there was a net decrease of only 76 individuals. In 2010, the decrease was erased, and now, for the first time, there are more than 15,000 industry members in Alberta.

We also thought industry member numbers might go down as Alberta weathered the economic storm – budgeting for a net loss in 2009. To our surprise, and to the surprise of pre-licensing course deliverers, a career in the industry remained an attractive prospect. There continues to be more people joining the industry than leaving it.

What are your thoughts about the industry today? What do you anticipate will happen in the coming months?