Labour Mobility Policy

Labour Mobility Policy

The basis of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) is to promote an open, efficient, and stable domestic market for long-term job creation and economic growth. RECA strongly supports these agreements.

If the originating jurisdiction has education and occupational standards, RECA will facilitate labour mobility to real estate and mortgage brokers licensed and conducting brokerage activities in other Canadian jurisdictions when:

  • a licensed professional (or one who is eligible to be relicensed) wishes to move to Alberta to set up residence and conduct brokerage activities in Alberta
  • a licensed professional (or one who is eligible to be relicensed) wishes to maintain their residence in another Canadian jurisdiction but wishes to conduct brokerage activities in Alberta

All licensing applicants in Alberta must sign a declaration (included in the licence application) that acknowledges their obligations to:

  • know, understand, and practice in strict accordance with the Real Estate Act of Alberta, including the Regulations and Rules
  • familiarize themselves with the laws of Alberta as they apply to the business of a licensee
  • only engage in work or provide services when they are competent to do so

If the licence in the originating jurisdiction does not include education or occupational standards for a specific area of practice in Alberta, the applicant is required to complete education requirements related to area(s) of practice not covered by the licence in their originating jurisdiction.

Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia practice designated agency and transaction brokerage. As real estate licensees outside of these jurisdictions do not receive education in designated agency and transaction brokerage, they must complete the Consumer Relationships eLearning course on these topics. The Consumer Relationships course fee is $300 and its completion must be within 120 days of RECA issuing a licence.

You can request a review of your eligibility for labour mobility by completing an online application and paying the $350 application fee.

All labour mobility applicants must give RECA a current certified criminal record check (CCRC). If you do not apply for your CCRC in a timely manner, a delay may occur in processing of your licence application.

Learn more about labour mobility applications and CCRCs on RECA’s Getting Licensed page in steps 3a and 5.

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