December 1, 2021 – Condo manager licences are now required

Calgary, Alberta—Starting today, condominium management companies (brokerages) and individual condominium managers must hold a licence with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to provide condominium management services.

Individuals and companies that have not obtained their licence with RECA must immediately cease all condominium management activities.

“Today is the culmination of over six years of work between RECA, condominium managers and associations, and the Alberta Government,” said Don Newell, Chair of RECA’s Residential Property Manager Industry Council. “I want to thank Service Alberta, RECA’s administration, and Alberta’s condominium managers and associations for their dedication to consumer protection.”

Licensing means individuals meet the education and experience requirements to provide condominium management services in accordance with current legislation, and that they must abide by the standards of practice that detail the responsibilities, prohibitions, and practices of condominium managers in Alberta. Condominium boards can trust that the condominium manager they hire for their complex will be competent and accountable to the standards of practice.

“Consumer protection is at the heart of RECA’s mandate and is the main purpose behind this licensing initiative,” explains Newell. “Though many condominium management companies have operated professionally and successfully in Alberta for years, their clients now have the added protection of a regulated environment.”

Licensed brokerages are operated by a licensed broker and meet operating and reporting requirements set by RECA and the Residential Property Manager Industry Council.

Condominium boards that do not use a condominium management company and manage their own complex do not require a licence from RECA.

More information on which activities require a licence can be found in the Real Estate Act s.1(1)(e.2).

Consumers can also perform a quick search to see if your condo manager is licensed using the Find a Licensee tool on

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