May 20, 2021 – Thomas Darrol Cowley Licence Cancelled

Calgary, Alberta—On May 14, 2021, a Hearing Panel of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) cancelled the real estate broker licence of Thomas Darrol Cowley for one year.

On March 25, 2021 the Hearing Panel found that Cowley had engaged in the following conduct deserving of sanction:

  • failing to establish adequate policies and procedures around personal and confidential information [breach of section 44(2)(a) of the Real Estate Act Rules]
  • failing to adequately supervise an associate in regard to two separate sets of transactions [breach of section 51(1)(e) of the Real Estate Act Rules]
  • failing to actively engage in the management of the Brokerage over a period of approximately five months [breach of section 51(1)(a) of the Real Estate Act Rules]
  • lying to a RECA investigator about bank withdrawals [breach of section 38(4) of the Real Estate Act]

Cowley may reapply for a real estate licence after May 15, 2022, but only as an Associate. Cowley is banned from holding a real estate broker licence in Alberta. In addition to the cancellation, Cowley is required to pay $37,500 in fines and $8,020 in costs.

Cowley was most recently registered as broker for Residential One Real Estate, which is currently unregistered.

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