On, October 30, 2019, the Real Estate Amendment Act 2019 went into effect, dismissing Council and giving the Minister of Service Alberta the ability to appoint an Administrator to manage the affairs of RECA.

Duane Monea was appointed as RECA Administrator—effective November 8, 2019—and now manages the affairs of RECA in place of a Council.

As per the Real Estate Amendment Act, the Administrator will have a one-year term, subject to renewal, and will steady the governance of RECA while Service Alberta consults with stakeholders on further changes to the Real Estate Act. These changes will focus on the appointment and governance structure of RECA, with the goal of appointing a new Council to take over from the Administrator.

RECA continues to perform its core regulatory functions, including licensing, education, investigations, and practice reviews.

Council Committees

Section 12 of the Real Estate Act Bylaws allows Council to establish standing, advisory, and ad hoc committees. Council determines the committee’s mandate, composition and reporting requirements, and any recommendation or decision of a committee must be ratified by Council prior to being acted on.

The Council chair appoints all committee members, including the committee chair, except the Audit and Finance Committee, to which Council as a whole makes appointments. The terms of reference of a committee may also provide for external organizations to make appointments. Current committees that allow external appointments include the residential real estate, mortgage brokerage, property management and real estate appraisal advisory committees.

The Council chair and the executive director are ex-officio members of all committees, and are non-voting members of each, unless the committee terms of reference specify otherwise.

As with Council itself, committee members are bound by a Code of Conduct.

An individual appointed to serve on a committee established by the Real Estate Council of Alberta, is asked to:

  1. review the mandate of RECA as outlined in section 5 of the Real Estate Act of Alberta;
  2. review the terms of reference of the committee;
  3. promote the public interest;
  4. uphold the principle of independence in carrying out the mandate of the committee and not be influenced by public opinion, partisan interest, fear or criticism;
  5. avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest with regard to their work with RECA;
  6. keep all confidential information they may receive as a RECA committee member strictly confidential. This provision will indefinitely survive the end of a member’s term as member;
  7. not use any confidential information they may receive as a RECA committee member for their own gain or to benefit persons or entities outside of RECA;
  8. foster their professional competence and knowledge, prepare fully and diligently for committee proceedings, make themselves available (to the extent their schedules allow) to the committee chair and their colleagues as requested, and support the work of the committee;
  9. make every effort to attend meetings in person (especially the first meeting of the year), or, when necessary, join the meeting remotely using the audio/video services provided by RECA
  10. be professional and honest in dealing with other committee members, RECA representatives or resource members;
  11. promote positive industry and public relations;
  12. not engage in behaviour which is known, or ought to be known, to be offensive or harassing;
  13. conduct the business and affairs of the committee in a lawful and ethical manner; and,
  14. be accountable to the committee chair for their adherence to this code.

This code cannot, and is not intended to, address all situations. In some circumstances committee members will need to rely on their own judgment and consultation with the committee chair to determine an appropriate course of action.

The primary purpose of this committee is to provide a direct line to consumers and to maintain cooperation, communication and an exchange of information between RECA and the public of Alberta.

Consumer Advisory Committee

Council committees are in place to address issues and make recommendations to council on its responsibilities under the Real Estate Act. There are currently three standing committees of council and one ad hoc committee:

Finance and Audit Committee

Governance Committee

Hearings Committee

Legislation Review Committee

The Real Estate Council of Alberta has established five industry sector advisory committees. The primary purpose of these committees is to provide a direct line to industry members and to maintain cooperation, communication and an exchange of information between RECA and the industry sector.

Commercial Real Estate Advisory Committee

Mortgage Brokers’ Advisory Committee

Property Management Advisory Committee

Real Estate Appraisers’ Advisory Committee

Residential Real Estate Advisory Committee

Condominium Managers Implementation Advisory Committee