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RECA Consultation Updates


Residential Measurement Standard (RMS)

From January 18 – March 18, 2019, Council consulted about the consequences of the current methodology for measuring semi-detached and attached properties. The current methodology in the RMS is measuring interior perimeter walls at floor level (paint-to-paint).

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. The consultation resulted in 472 responses (12 responses from stakeholder groups, 362 responses from industry members, and 98 responses from consumers). Overall, the feedback received was varied. The prominent consequences identified by industry professionals were:

  • Builders are not bound by the RMS, therefore, new homes are measured such that they appear larger than those on an online listing service for licensed professionals
  • There is a financial burden for paying for measurement companies to measure properties
  • There is general inconsistency across jurisdictions and/or across property types
  • There is a perception of reduced square footage for attached and semi-detached properties
  • The public may believe they are receiving misleading information
  • No consequences were identified

Council reviewed the data at its April, 2019 Council Meeting. Please refer to the Council Highlights for Council motions arising from this consultation.

Graduated Licensing for Property Managers

On April 15, 2019, RECA opened a consultation to explore the feasibility of graduated licensing as a means to address the shortage of property management professionals in Alberta.

Property management brokerages have indicated to RECA that they have difficulty attracting individuals to enter the property management profession. The shortage of property management professionals could result in existing professionals being overworked, not completing their responsibilities, or taking shortcuts. It also can result in unlicensed activities.

These situations place the public at risk and have the potential to undermine the integrity of the profession.

For more information, including the consultation paper and links to the survey, visit RECA’s website. The consultation closes on July 15.

Annually on RECA’s website, RECA will list consultation results.