Council Highlights – May 2019 Image

Council Highlights – May 2019


Council Highlights – April 17 Meeting

  1. Council elected Stan Mills to the position of Chair-Elect of Council. His term began on April 17, 2019 and will end on October 31, 2019. The appointment was made in accordance with s.5(3)(a) of the Real Estate Act Bylaws.
  2. Council approved the creation of an Ad Hoc committee to consolidate the methodology of the measurement of detached, semi-detached, and attached homes. The committee will consist of Stan Mills (Chair), Ramey Demian, JT Dhoot, Tiago Lage, and Robyn Moser. The Committee will bring back recommendations to Council at the July 2019 meeting.
  3. Council proposed to Service Alberta that condominium corporation employees be exempt from licensing requirements under amendments to the Real Estate Act Exemption Regulation.
  4. Pursuant to the Real Estate Act Bylaws, Council appointed Ramey Demian as Chair of the Nominating Committee for Real Estate Appraiser & Property Manager to Council to:
    • review the recommendations received for the real estate appraiser and property manager positions on Council that are in compliance with the Real Estate Act (Ministerial) Regulations;
    • interview any or all of the individuals recommended; and
    • provide Council with the names of all individuals who have been recommended candidates (in compliance with the Real Estate Act (Ministerial) Regulations.
  5. The Chair advised Council that the following Committee Chair appointments had been made:
    • Finance & Audit Committee – Tiago Lage (April 3, 2019)
    • Governance Committee – Amina Deiab (April 3, 2019)
    • Policy Sub-Committee – Bill Kirk (March 27, 2019)
    • Hearings Committee – Stan Mills (March 27, 2019)
    • Commercial Real Estate Advisory Committee – Ramey Demian (April 3, 2019)
    • Residential Real Estate Advisory Committee – Robyn Moser (March 27, 2019)
    • Condominium Managers Implementation Advisory Committee – Christine Zwozdesky (March 27, 2019)
    • Consumer Advisory Committee – Bobbi Dawson (March 27, 2019)
    • Legislation Review Committee – Amina Deiab (April 5, 2019)
    • Real Estate Appraisers Advisory Committee – Rob Telford (by acclamation on March 27, 2019)
    • Property Management Advisory Committee – Christine Zwozdesky (by acclamation on March 27, 2019)
    • Mortgage Brokers Advisory Committee – Phil McDowell (by acclamation on March 27, 2019)
    • Executive Director Selection Committee – Amina Deiab and Christine Zwozdesky (co-chairs) (February 11, 2019)
  6. Council approved a motion stating that Committee Chairs shall select their Committee members based on relevant experience, skills, and interest.