Searching Property Titles Using the Spatial Information System (SPIN2)

This information is provided to help you use SPIN2 in your practice. While RECA has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is subject to change at the discretion of the Government of Alberta.

The search parameters chosen and/or how the information has been entered will affect the search results. Do not rely on previous searches for your current needs.

Before using SPIN2:

  • check the hours of availability
  • ensure your computer’s internet browser is supported

While using SPIN2 do not use Back or Forward on your browser toolbar. This will automatically exit SPIN2, forcing you to restart your search. If you need to go back to a previous screen, click on the appropriate link to the left of the current screen in the breadcrumbs bar.

For help with using SPIN2, contact the SPIN2 Help Desk by:

  • calling 780-422-7874 (Edmonton area only)
  • calling 310-0000 then 422-7874 (outside the Edmonton area)
  • emailing

Download information on SPIN2

Please Note: real estate licensees should always review title documents carefully for the information they contain about the property. If you have questions about any of the documents, seek clarification from your broker. Any previous title documents you have saved or printed may no longer be current. Search the current title and registered interests for any property that is the subject of a real estate transaction.

  1. Go to the SPIN2 website.
  2. Click Guest Login.
  3. After reading the disclaimer and legal notice, click I Agree to continue.
  4. On the Welcome to SPIN2 screen, click Search (top of screen).
  5. Click Title and Registered Documents to search for a property title and the registered interests associated with it. You need the legal description for the property.
  6. In the appropriate box, enter the Plan, Block, Lot, or Condominium Plan and unit number, depending on the property type. Click Search to continue.
  7. Click View next to each document to preview a portion of the information in order to confirm you have the correct property.
  8. Choose the item(s) you want to purchase (fee per document) by clicking the corresponding boxes or links.
  9. Click Add to Cart (lower left on screen) to add the item(s) to your SPIN2 shopping cart.
  10. Click the shopping cart icon (top of screen) to see the item(s) you selected and their cost. Remove any item(s) you do not want and choose the delivery method for the item(s)—by email or fax.
  11. Select Checkout (bottom right of screen).
  12. Enter your email address or fax number, depending on how you chose to have your item(s) delivered, and your credit card information.
  13. Select Finalize Checkout to complete your purchase from SPIN2.

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