Information Bulletins - Real Estate

Below are Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Information Bulletins on topics of interest to real estate professionals.

Accepted Offers and Backup Offers (pdf)
Access to Property (pdf)
Access to Property - Home Inspections (pdf)
Advertising - Brokerage Internet Policies (pdf)
Advertising - Clearly Indicated (pdf)
Advertising - False and Misleading (pdf)
Advertising - Internet Guidelines - Social Media - Real Estate Professionals (pdf)
Advertising - Licensed Name (pdf)
Advertising- Properties Not Located in Alberta (pdf)
Assistants - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Attached and Unattached Goods (pdf)
Auctioneers (pdf)
Brokers - Accountability (pdf)
Brokers - Active in Management (pdf)
Brokers - Delegation (pdf)
Building Cost Replacement - Licence not Required (pdf)
Business Brokerage (pdf)
Client - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Commissions - Payment from Trust (pdf)
Competent Service (pdf)
Comply with Legislation (pdf)
Conduct Deserving of Sanction (pdf)
Conflict - Buying Client's Property (pdf)
Conflict - Representing Competing Buyers (pdf)
Conflict - Representing Seller and Buyer (pdf)
Conflict of Interest (pdf)
Cooperate with RECA (pdf)
Customer - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Dealing with Unrepresented Sellers - Real Estate (pdf)
Delivery of Documents - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Deposits and the Purchase Contract - Residential Real Estate (pdf)
Disclose - Conflicts of Interest (pdf)
Disclose - Cost of Services (pdf)
Education Code of Conduct for Learners (pdf)
Electronic Agreements (pdf)
Electronic Records (pdf)
Employees (pdf)
Enforcement of the Residential Measurement Standard (pdf)
Ensure Role is Understood - Real Estate (pdf)
Estimating Market Value - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Facilitation Services (pdf)
Failure to Waive Conditions on Time (pdf)
Good Character- Licensing (pdf)
Good Character - Professional Conduct Review (pdf)
Guaranteed Sales Representations (pdf)
Holding Oneself Out (pdf)
Incentives (pdf)
Inducements (pdf)
Industry Member Interference May Be Conduct Deserving of Sanction (pdf)
Material Latent Defects (pdf)
Mere Postings (pdf)
Mortgage Fraud Red Flags (pdf)
Mortgage Fraud Red Flags - Real Estate Professionals (pdf)
Multiple Offers (pdf)
Notice to Executive Director - Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Professionals (pdf)
Offers and Counter Offers - Expiries (pdf)
Personal Trades in Real Estate (pdf)
Prohibition - Discourage Legal Advice (pdf)
Prohibition - Fraudulent Unlawful Activity (pdf)
Prohibitions - Real Estate Industry Professionals (pdf)
Protection of Client Information (pdf)
Real Estate Act and Board Rules (pdf)
Radon (pdf)
Real Property Reports (pdf)
Real Property Reports - Rules of Practice for Lawyers (pdf)
Recommending Service Providers (pdf)
Records - Release File to Client (pdf)
Records - Transfer of File (pdf)
Referrals - Industry Member Requirements (pdf)
Referrals - Payment to Unlicensed Persons (pdf)
Residential Measurement Standard (pdf)
Residential Measurement Standard - Documentation (pdf)
Responsibilities - Real Estate Associate Brokers and Associates (pdf)
Responsibilities - Real Estate Broker (pdf)
Responsibilities and Prohibitions - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Service Agreement - Buyers Working with Common Law Brokerages (pdf)
Service Agreement - Buyers Working with Designated Brokerages (pdf)
Service Agreements - Real Estate Brokerage (pdf)
Stigmatized Properties (pdf)
Teams in the Real Estate Industry (pdf)
Title Insurance (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate as a Real Estate Broker (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate - Commercial Real Estate (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate - Jurisdiction and the Real Estate Act (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate - Property Management (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate - Residential Real Estate (pdf)
Trading in Real Estate - Rural Real Estate (pdf)
Transaction Brokerage - Not Always Appropriate (pdf)
Transaction Brokerage - Parties Do Not Agree (pdf)
Trust Money Disputes and Disbursements (pdf)
Unrepresented Sellers - What They Need to Know (pdf)
Use of RECA's Logo (pdf)
When Your Real Estate Brokerage Shuts Down (pdf)