Core Education Values

The Canadian landscape for real estate education course development and delivery has changed in recent years, which has created new opportunities and options for the development and delivery of real estate education. Real estate regulatory organizations are taking a more active role in licensing and re-licensing education across the country.

In February 2008, the Real Estate Council of Alberta approved a set of core values for RECA Education initiatives. These core values were developed after substantial work by the Real Estate Education Committee, and after taking into consideration tremendous changes that are occurring in the areas of adult and workplace learning. Adult and workplace learning are both recognized as offering timely and engaging learning opportunities through Internet-enabled education. Today’s learners demand that the Internet be part of their educational landscape because of its ability to create flexible learning opportunities in a fast-paced and global world. RECA Education core values reflect these demands.

Section 1 - Location: RECA education should be accessible and available from anywhere

Section 2 - Schedule: RECA education should be available at anytime

Section 3 - Program: RECA education should embrace prior learning and achievement recognition (PLAR) guidelines for education equivalencies for appropriate industries

Section 4 - Learners: RECA education materials and methods should be learner-appropriate

Section 5 - Flexibility

Section 6 - Pace

Section 7 - Media

Section 8 - Focus

Section 9 - Facilitation

Section 10 - Message

Section 11 - Method

Section 12 - Goal

Section 13 - Procedure

Section 14 - Perspective

Section 15 - Transition