Real Estate Consumer Information

Buying or selling a property is probably one of the most important financial decisions a consumer will make in their lifetime. Take a moment to learn about the real estate industry and consider the type of working relationship you might enter into with a real estate brokerage professional. The more you know and understand, the more likely it is you will be satisfied with the results.

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Buying & Selling

Buying or selling property means you'll be making
a lot of important decisions. A skilled real estate professional working on your behalf can help you every step of the way.


If you want more information on special or
unusual situations that can occur when buying
or selling a property, check out the tips below.

Industry Member Relationships

Did you know there's more than one type of relationship buyers and sellers can have with a licensed real estate professional? Learn more by checking out the links below.

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Selling a House or Condo

Tools for Buying and Selling


Alberta real estate information

Real Estate Council of Alberta

Getting to Know the Real Estate Council of Alberta

How the Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Industries Operate

Attached and Unattached Goods

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud: What Consumers Need to Know (pdf)

Commission Calculations

Disclosure of Accepted Conditional Offers

Estimating the Market Value of Your Home

Guaranteed Sales Agreements

Incentives and Inducements

Material Latent Defects

Multiple Offers

Expiry Dates on Offers and Counter Offers

Cost of Services


Real Estate Professionals Buying Your House or Selling You Theirs

Real Property Reports

Residential Measurement Standard

Consumer Guide to the Residential Measurement Standard in Alberta

Top 6 Things to Know about Property Measurement

Stigmatized Properties

Seeking Outside Advice

Title Insurance

Types of Real Estate Practice - What You Need to Know

Unrepresented Sellers - What You Need to Know

Industry Members and Their Roles

Finding a Licensed Real Estate Professional

Working with a Licensed Professional

Consumer Relationships with Real Estate Professionals

Client - Real Estate

Customer - Real Estate

Real Estate/Mortgage Assistants

When a Real Estate Professional Represents the Buyer and the Seller (Transaction Brokerage)

Written Service Agreements

Protecting Your Information