Annual Meeting

In alignment with Council’s mandate for openness and transparency in our work, RECA will be hosting an annual meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is for industry members and members of the public to:

  • learn about RECA and our work over the past year
  • ask pertinent questions

Register online for the 2017-2018 Annual Meeting on May 13, 2019.

RECA invites real estate, mortgage, appraisal and property management professional as well as members of the public to join us for our inaugural Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2019 at 9am.

During this one-hour virtual meeting, we will:

  • introduce you to:
    • Chair of Council
    • history of RECA’s annual meetings
      • RECA’s commitment to openness and transparency
    • self-regulation
    • presentation overview
  • review the Annual Report for 2017-2018, including:
    • strategic achievements
    • licensing numbers
    • education numbers
    • conduct and proceedings numbers
    • Real Estate Assurance Fund
    • financials
  • discuss current issues, including:
    • mortgage broker rules
    • brokerage advertising
    • Real Estate Act Section 76 review
    • Condominium Manager Licensing
    • RMS Consultation
    • Cannabis
    • Radon
  • Answer Questions

Alberta’s real estate industry is a great place to be because we have highly competent professionals who take part in the regulation process. Whether you join us on your own or participate together with others in your brokerage, team or other interested groups, we invite you to register today so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to get involved!

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