January 23, 2024 – Consumer Alert: Travis More – Unlicensed Condominium Management

Calgary, Alberta—January 23, 2024, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is warning condominium corporations about the unlicensed activity of Travis Peter John More and his company, More Property Management.

In October and November of 2023, RECA was made aware that More was advertising and offering condominium management services without a licence. More advertised condominium management services on his website and provided services such as collecting and holding funds and arranging and supervising repairs and maintenance on behalf of a condominium corporation. At this time, More acknowledged to RECA that he was not licensed as a condominium manager and did not plan to cease providing services that require a licence.

On November 23, 2023, RECA issued a $10,000 Administrative Penalty to More notifying him to cease providing any condominium management services that require a licence.

RECA believes More may still be providing condominium management services while not licensed.

Protect Yourself

Using licensed brokerages and individual licensees protects condominium corporations. Licensing ensures brokerages and individuals have the necessary education and experience to competently provide condominium management services and are accountable to high standards of practice.

RECA urges any condominium corporations who use a condominium management company to verify the licence status of the condominium management brokerage and any individual condominium managers on RECA’s website by following these steps:

  • go to RECA’s “Find a Licensee” search tool
  • click “search by person” or “search by brokerage”
  • type the full name, click “search”
  • check whether the status is “active” in the left-hand column

More operates a condominium management company called More Property Management, which is also unlicensed.

Read the full details of the Administrative Penalty issued to More.

If you have concerns regarding Travis More or anyone offering condominium management, property management, real estate or mortgage services please contact info@reca.ca.

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