June 18, 2024 – Eric Drinkwater’s Real Estate Licence Suspended

Calgary, Alberta—on June 18, 2024, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) suspended the real estate associate licence of Eric Andrew Drinkwater under s.53 of the Real Estate Act (the Act). Effective immediately, Drinkwater cannot trade in real estate in Alberta.

Suspensions under s.53(1)(a) are made when, during an investigation into alleged breaches of the Act, RECA determines it is in the public interest to temporarily suspend an individual pending the outcome of that investigation.

The suspension will continue until the current proceedings under Part 3 of the Act concerning Drinkwater’s conduct are concluded. All RECA investigations resulting in discipline are posted on reca.ca.

Drinkwater was registered at the time of conduct as a real estate associate broker with 4th Street Holdings Ltd. o/a Re/Max Real Estate (Central).

If any consumer has transactions in progress or existing client relationships with Drinkwater, please contact RECA at 403-228-2954 or info@reca.ca.

Allegations against Drinkwater include breaches of:

Real Estate Act  s.17
No person shall:

  • (d) advertise themselves as, or in any way hold themselves out as, a mortgage broker, real estate broker, or property manager unless that person holds the appropriate licence for that purpose issued by the Residential Real Estate Industry Council

Real Estate Act Rules s.40(1)
A licensee must immediately notify, in writing, the Registrar when:

  • (c) the licensee has any judgment(s) rendered against the licensee in relation to the provision of services or sale of goods to consumers

Real Estate Act Rules s.42
A licensee must not:

  • (a) make representations or carry on conduct that is reckless or intentional and that misleads or deceives any person or is likely to do so
  • (b) participate in fraudulent or unlawful activities in connection with the provision of services or in any dealing
  • (f) physically, sexually, emotionally, or verbally abuse a client, customer, licensee, or party to a trade in real estate
  • (g) engage in conduct that undermines public confidence in the industry, harms the integrity of the industry, or brings the industry into disrepute

Real Estate Act Rules s.44(1)
In addition to the requirements of the relevant legislation on the protection of personal information, a licensee must not disclose information regarding a client, property or transaction to another person unless:

  • (a) authorized by the client
  • (b) required by law

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