Brokers Must Complete Brokerage Suitability Questions Image

Brokers Must Complete Brokerage Suitability Questions


Before you can complete your online renewal in myRECA, you must have an official of the brokerage corporation complete and sign a Brokerage Renewal Suitability Questions form.

The official who completes the form must answer the suitability questions on behalf of ALL the owners, directors, and officers of the brokerage.

You do not need to send this form to RECA, but you must keep a copy of the signed form at your brokerage office.

Having a brokerage official complete this form on behalf of the brokerage now will save you time and effort when you are completing your brokerage renewal online. Renewals will open for all licensees on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Important Notes

You are receiving this email because, according to our records, you, as a broker, own 50% OR LESS of your brokerage corporation. If you believe you are receiving this email in error, please help us update our records to indicate the correct percentage of your ownership share in your brokerage’s myRECA account.

If your ownership share in the brokerage has changed since your last application or amendment notice, you must report the brokerage amendment as outlined in the Real Estate Act Rules.

All renewal applications are completed and submitted through myRECA.

Renewal fees are due at the time of renewal. The current fee schedule is available on

If you have any questions about completing and storing this document, please contact