Practice Exams Now Available for All Condominium Manager Courses Image

Practice Exams Now Available for All Condominium Manager Courses


Practice exams for the Fundamentals of Condominium Management, the Practice of Condominium Management, and the Condominium Management Broker Program courses are now available.

Why Practice Exams are Important

Those who complete practice examinations are more successful on the actual examination. There are several reasons for this:

  1. you become familiar with the examination framework and can therefore focus on the exam question when completing the actual exam. The practice exams are taken on the same platform as the pre-licensing exam
  2. practice exams let you know the areas in which you may be weak, which enables you to focus your studies on specific areas in preparation for the pre-licensing exam
  3. practice exams provide you with confidence, which reduces exam anxiety and can lead to better performance overall

As a learner, you can access the practice exams, at a cost of $65 per attempt, at any time from course completion up until you pass the actual exam. RECA has also created an Exam Preparation Guide to assist learners as they prepare for the exam.

Practice exams can be written anywhere, and they have no time limit. When you complete your course, you will get an email with a link to purchase a practice exam attempt, or you can click on “Purchase Practice Exam” in the course table in your myRECA account, under Exam Activities. You will have one attempt per purchase. Once your practice exam is submitted you won’t be able to go back into it.

Upcoming Deadlines & Important Information

All condominium managers with a conditional licence must complete their appropriate course(s)/exam(s) prior to the November 30, 2022 deadline.

Whether you choose to complete the course requirements or challenge exams, it is strongly recommended that you start the process as soon as possible. The completion of each course can take a substantial amount of time. Choosing to challenge the exam should not be left to the last minute, if you are unsuccessful in challenging the exam, you may not have enough time to complete the course before being able to take the exam again.

When you are ready to take your pre-licensing exam, RECA encourages you to review the Exam Guideline for Learners. Remember! You must write your pre-licensing exam within 3 months of completing your course.

Questions on any of the condominium manager education requirements should be directed to

Frequently Asked Education Questions

Q: How long do I have to register to take a pre-licensing exam?
A: You have 3 months from the time you complete your course to write your pre-licensing exam so build in your study or practice exam time before this date.

Q: How do I know which course(s) I have to take?
A: Conditionally licensed condominium managers should complete the exam(s)/course(s) listed on their conditional licence. To learn which courses and exams are required based on your circumstances, please visit RECA’s Pre-Licensing Education webpage.

Q: How do I study and complete the testing efficiently with a full workload?
A: Studying while working full-time can seem overwhelming. To make the process more manageable, RECA has prepared an Exam Preparation Guide.

Q: Will the actual exams for condominium management be open book exams?
A: The licensing exams are not open book. Learners are encouraged to prepare efficiently by choosing their course provider carefully and taking the RECA practice exam before they book and attempt their actual examination.

Q: What if I fail my exam?
A: If learners complete their condominium management course, then fail the exam, they will receive an email with instructions for re-writing the exam. If the second attempt is a failure, they must retake the course.

If learners believe their course left them ill-prepared for the exam, they are encouraged to address any concerns with the course provider.

If the exam was challenged without taking the course and was failed, learners must take the course before they can retake the exam.