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RECA wants to hear from stakeholders!


The Real Estate Council of Alberta Board of Directors invites all stakeholders to participate in robust engagement opportunities in the coming months. We want to hear from you! Read on to see where you can take part.

Informing RECA’s Strategic Direction

The Board is responsible for RECA’s overall strategic direction, and is seeking stakeholder feedback on the issues, concerns, and trends affecting all stakeholders. The feedback will inform the strategic planning process that RECA will undergo later in 2021, resulting in a comprehensive and informed Strategic Plan for the coming years.

All stakeholders, including individual licensees, will receive a similar call for engagement from their applicable Industry Council, or multiple Industry Councils, depending on the stakeholder group or individual. The Industry Councils are responsible for setting the standards of practice and licensing requirements for their sector, and will need your feedback on sector-specific issues. Watch your inbox for Industry Council emails over the next few days.

To directly provide your thoughts on RECA’s future strategic direction, go to our Strategic Planning page and let us know what you think!

Engagement Opportunities with the Board of Directors

Online Engagement Session – April 14, 2021 – 9 a.m. MT
You are invited to participate in an online engagement session with the Board of Directors on April 14, 2021. This session will be hosted by the Board Chair and held on Zoom. It will include an explanation of how RECA’s governance works under the new Real Estate Act, an update from the Board, an outline of Board priorities, and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions. Register no later than April 13, 2021 at the link below to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Board Email
An email address has been created for stakeholders to contact the Board of Directors. By sending emails to, stakeholders can reach out to the Board outside of specific consultations or other formal engagement opportunities. 

Board of Directors Webpage
Bookmark the Board webpage at Through this page stakeholders can access all Board meeting agendas and minutes, a list of Board Members, a list of Board engagement opportunities, a list of past engagement activities, and any articles, consultations, or other communications from the Board. The page will be updated regularly.

Consultations and Focus Groups
The Board may direct RECA to consult on certain topics prior to making decisions. Stakeholders will be notified of all consultation opportunities through direct email, the Regulator newsletter, social media, and the RECA website.

The Industry Councils will also host Broker Forums and other informal groups to discuss the latest regulatory issues they are seeing day-to-day.

Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Stakeholder engagement is a clear priority for RECA. At its March 5 meeting, the Board approved a Stakeholder Engagement Policy that sets the framework for why, how, and with whom RECA engages. Engagement will be timely, consistent, equal, meaningful, and transparent. This policy is to ensure you have the opportunity to have your voice heard by the Board and Industry Councils, and directly participate in the regulation of your industry.

Learn more about the Board

RECA Board of Directors Webpage

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