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RECA Education’s commitment to classroom delivery


The Real Estate Update 2017 is RECA’s fourth real estate re-licensing course with a classroom option available.  RECA is committed to classroom course options as part of our strategy to provide quality education to industry professionals.

The context: RECA’s Core Education Values

In February 2008, Council approved a set of core values for RECA’s education offerings, including that education should be accessible, available from anywhere, and at any time. eLearning met these values. eLearning represented the future of workplace learning and is now the preferred learning method for many organizations and professions.

RECA also recognizes today’s learners often have eLearning experience and eLearning expectations, having grown up with eLearning as a major part in their education. eLearning in the workplace gives Alberta’s industry professionals the freedom and flexibility to work at their own pace, from anywhere they live, and at any time that best suits their schedules.

While RECA continues to believe that eLearning education offers of the most benefit to the greatest number of existing and potential industry professionals, it also understands that there is still interest in classroom offerings. RECA will continue to facilitate classroom offerings whenever there is sufficient demand.

Quality classroom courses

To ensure the quality of classroom courses, RECA created a set of comprehensive standards, including:

  • course providers must enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with RECA, which describes their responsibilities before, during, and after delivery of a classroom course
  • course providers and facilitators must successfully complete the orientation for the specific course they wish to offer
  • RECA approves course facilitators based on whether their practice area aligns with the course, their experience is sufficient to discuss the subject matter, and they are able to handle questions from the experienced practitioners in their classes
  • course facilitators must agree to and sign a Facilitator Code of Conduct, which defines their expected conduct in the classroom. This ensures an atmosphere of professionalism and respect and prevents solicitation
  • course facilitators need to adhere to a detailed Course Lesson Plan, which outlines the course content, course activities, and the suggested time allotments. This helps ensure consistency with classroom delivery across Alberta and that all professionals receive equivalent learning outcomes regardless of whether they complete the eLearning or classroom versions
  • RECA monitors course facilitators for quality assurance, which involves observation in the classroom
  • RECA seeks feedback directly from classroom learners by emailing course evaluations following their course completion. If RECA must take constructive steps to improve learners’ classroom experience, RECA provides constructive recommendations and follows up to ensure their implementation

Your course feedback enhances our course offerings

Whether you complete your REP education in the classroom or through eLearning, our courses always provide you with the opportunity to provide us with your feedback. RECA values your feedback.  RECA continuously reviews your feedback in order to enhance our education offerings. The Real Estate Update 2017 incorporates feedback received in previous courses.

Real Estate Update 2017 classroom Course Providers

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