Customer Status

If a consumer does not want to have an agency relationship with an industry member or “real estate broker,” but still wishes to work with an industry member with respect to a particular real estate transaction, that consumer may choose customer status.

If a consumer chooses customer status, the brokerage does not represent the consumer. The brokerage is not the consumer’s agent and does not owe the consumer fiduciary duties. The brokerage will not provide the customer any services that require the exercise of discretion or judgment, the giving of confidential advice or advocating on the consumer’s behalf.

However, a brokerage and its associates continue to have the following obligations to a customer:

If a consumer chooses to be a customer, an industry member may wish to have the consumer acknowledge that choice by signing a Customer Status Acknowledgement Form.

At the discretion of the brokerage, it may assist customers in completing a transaction by:

There are several reasons why a consumer might choose, or the brokerage might recommend, customer status. This may occur when:

Industry members must make it known to consumers they always have the option of choosing another brokerage to represent them rather than agreeing to customer status.