Real Estate

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A career in real estate offers varied and interesting opportunities. Real estate industry professionals provide services in the following specialty areas of practice: residential real estate and acreage residential; commercial, industrial and investment real estate; property management; and, agri-business including farm/ranch.


Mortgage Brokerage

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Mortgage brokerage includes where a person on behalf of another person for consideration or compensation, solicits a person to borrow or lend money that will be secured by a mortgage, negotiates a mortgage transaction, collects mortgage payments and otherwise administering mortgages, and buys, sells and exchanging mortgages (or simply offering to do so).

Real Estate Appraisal

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Real estate appraisers provide valuation services and professional opinions on the value of property. Appraisers may be called upon to provide a professional opinion on: current property value; future value of property being built; value for mortgage, lending or investment purposes; value for tax assessments, capital gains and other taxes; and, verification of damage from natural disasters.

Property Management

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Property managers perform an important function in the ownership and management of real estate. Many owners are not set up to manage investment properties on an ongoing basis and instead, hire professional property managers to provide these services. Property managers are involved in all types of real estate including commercial and industrial, condominiums, residential, and farm and ranch.