Can my finished basement be included in the square footage on my house listing?

I just spent $50,000 to finish my basement with high-end finishings. Now, I’m listing my house for sale, and my real estate representative says she can’t include the basement square footage in the total size. Why not?

You developed your basement and it’s beautiful. You’re sure any potential buyer would agree that it looks great, and is definitely livable space. But, your real estate professional is correct, the square footage of your basement cannot be included in the size of your home for listing purposes.

In Alberta, real estate professionals are required to follow the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) when listing a residential property for sale. The RMS contains nine principles that enable real estate professionals, as well as buyers and sellers, to determine and compare the size of residential properties. The RMS sets out the specific parts of a residential property that can be included in its size for listing purposes.

Above grade levels are the levels of a residence that are entirely above grade. Below grade levels are the floor levels of a residence that are partly or fully below grade. If any portion of a level is below grade, the entire level is considered below grade. Below grade spaces include lower levels and basements. The RMS size of a property is, essentially, the sum of its above grade levels. Below grade levels are not included in the RMS area.

Without the RMS in place, there would be little consistency in how real estate professionals, and their sellers, measure and describe their property. Some may want to include their basement (unfinished or not), some may include an enclosed sunroom, while others may include the space created by a bow or bay window.

The RMS provides a consistent means of measuring, and describing, residential property size in Alberta.

Sellers, and their real estate representatives, are welcome to include additional measurement information in their listings, but the primary size listed in the listing must be the size according to the RMS.

Sellers need to remember that size isn’t the only factor that will affect a property’s list or selling price. Other factors include location, condition, quality of finishing, layout, and even type of ownership. You may not be able to include the square footage of your basement in the total square footage of your home, but the features of your home will set it apart from other properties. Size matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

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