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Meet Your Stakeholder Engagement Team


Did you know that RECA has a Stakeholder Engagement Team?  

RECA has many stakeholders, including Industry Associations, government, consumers, and other partners and regulators – but one of our most important stakeholders is the licensees in the four industries we regulate. 

RECA’s Stakeholder Engagement Team was created in 2022 to provide direct support to our various industry stakeholders. It is headed by Kristian Tzenov, RECA’s Stakeholder Engagement Manager. His team exists to inform and educate RECA industry stakeholders on the Real Estate Act and its Rules. Gary Siegle is RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisor for the Mortgage industry and Doug Dixon is RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisor for Real Estate, Condominium Management and Property Management. Our Regulatory Compliance Advisors are here to guide brokers and broker delegates on legislative questions or concerns. While RECA’s Information Services team is available to answer common questions from licensees and the public. Together the Stakeholder Engagement team works to ensure RECA’s Stakeholders are well-informed. 

This publication, the Regulator, is brought to you by your Stakeholder Engagement Team. Each quarter, the articles we publish focus on common issues or areas of concern we see in real time. We provide this information to you, our licensees, to enhance your practice and support the healthy regulation of our industries. We believe knowledge is power and that this regulatory advice helps to support a vibrant, well-regulated real estate, mortgage, property management and condominium management industry. We hope you benefit from the articles we share. 

We’d like your advice on the medium we use to disseminate this advice. While we will continue to disseminate our stories delivered to your email, linked to our website blog and attached as a PDF document, please indicate if you would benefit from other modes of communication.  

How would you like to see the Regulator Articles published in the future? 

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