Mastering Communication in Condominium Management Image

Mastering Communication in Condominium Management


by Doug Dixon, RECA Regulatory Compliance Advisor, Condominium Managers

For condominium managers, effective communication with the condominium board and the owners is arguably one of your most important roles. You are the bridge between these two important groups.
RECA has recently issued Advisory Notes to condominium manager licensees regarding communication issues. In one instance, communications for the Board that the manager received were not passed on promptly. In another example, the condominium manager neglected to provide important updates to owners on the status of unit repairs after a flood.

Advisory Notes are meant to guide licensees to take corrective action. They provide education on an issue that has been identified and the steps licensees can take to ensure they do not end up with disciplinary action in the future. In these examples, the licensees were instructed on the importance of timely and clear messages to their stakeholders.

Regular and clear communication helps keep everyone in the loop, ensuring decisions are understood and accepted. It also helps to eliminate many unnecessary questions and the need for future communications.


In times of crisis, clear communication becomes even more critical. Whether it’s a sudden maintenance issue or an unforeseen financial challenge, condominium managers need to communicate promptly and efficiently. Timely and detailed communication helps provide reassurance to owners and the Board that you have matters under control and are in-front of any issues. Clear communication also helps mitigate panic and maintains a sense of order.


Have you considered using alternative forms of communication to communicate with your condominium community?

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology is an asset to help improve communication.
Consider exploring platforms that may streamline your communication efforts such as a dedicated website, monthly blog, or email newsletter. Embracing technology can help facilitate a more organized flow of information and may prevent unnecessary misunderstandings from occurring.

Remember, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure your condominium community has the information they require and is always kept informed of the latest news.

If you have any questions on how to streamline your communication practices or what kind of information needs to be passed on to your condominium boards and owners, please reach out to me at