Does the Seller Know You’re Posting Their Home Online? Image

Does the Seller Know You’re Posting Their Home Online?


by Kristian Tzenov, Stakeholder Engagement Manager

The rise of social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. One area that has seen growth in the real estate industry is the use of short-form video to market homes for sale. With video, oftentimes shared on TikTok or Instagram Reels, potential buyers can get a quick virtual look of a property without ever leaving their couch. This convenience has made video a go-to asset for real estate licensees, home sellers, and potential buyers alike.

But there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to selling and marketing homes online and through social media. Licensees should always make sure that any home marketing adheres to RECA’s Advertising Guidelines.

It’s particularly important to remember that posting videos of a home for sale should only be done with the permission of the seller. Without proper consent, sharing videos could be a breach of the Real Estate Act Rules, the seller’s privacy, and could lead to legal consequences. If your intent is to film and post a video of a property listed for sale, it is essential to obtain written permission from the seller through their licensee.

Overall, the use of social media and short-form video has opened new opportunities for home marketing. But it’s still important to use these tools responsibly, with the necessary permissions and respect for the privacy of the seller.

Your posts must also accurately represent the property and not make any false claims.
Any content posted needs to easily identify your brokerage, as all licensee advertising is on behalf of the brokerage with which you are registered. RECA expects all licensees to know, understand, and comply with RECA’s Advertising Guidelines.

Licensees must also only use a property for the purpose for which the seller has granted them permission. For example, you can’t request permission to access a property for a home inspection and take some quick video to post on social media while there. The homeowner (through their licensee) needs to be made aware of exactly why you are accessing their home.

Overall, posting home videos to social media can be a wonderful way to market a property. Not only does it highlight the particular property but it’s also great content to share (who isn’t interested in looking at a home for sale?).

Have fun with your online video content but make sure you are doing so responsibly, within the guidelines of Real Estate Act Rules, RECA’s Advertising Guidelines and with the homeowner’s permission.