IMPORTANT Message from the Minister of Service Alberta and RECA’s Board Chair Image

IMPORTANT Message from the Minister of Service Alberta and RECA’s Board Chair


The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has been working closely with the Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction (SARTR) to understand and address outstanding concerns many of you have brought to both of us regarding condominium manager licensing requirements. RECA has already been working with industry to start to address those concerns and we would like to share with you additional actions RECA will undertake over the coming months.

While we are pleased to see the high enrolment by condominium managers in the education programs, we acknowledge there is further work to be done to address the concerns raised, including those related to educational competencies and exams.

All conditional licences are being extended until September 30, 2023. No notices of suspensions will be triggered until at least September 2023.

RECA has already committed to the following:

  • continue to adjust examinations, including using independent industry experts to review how examination questions align with the competencies
  • work with course providers to support the alignment of learning materials with the competencies and exams

RECA and SARTR have agreed the following next steps will be undertaken by RECA:

  • ensure competencies are reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of industry professionals, and that exams match the competencies
  • consult with industry to validate the outcome of both the competencies and examinations reviews

RECA will report to Minister Nally by June 30, 2023 on the outcomes of this work.

Thank you members of the condominium community for your ongoing commitment and patience as we work through this process and strive toward our common goal of having the condominium sector continue to thrive.


The Honourable Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

Elan MacDonald, Board Chair, Real Estate Council of Alberta



RECA Actions to Date and/or Underway


Conditional Licence Extensions

  • Over the past six months, the Residential Property Manager Industry Council (PMIC) has authorized several extensions for the timelines in which conditional licensees must complete the required courses. The most recent extension giving conditional licensees until September 30, 2023, to remove conditions.

Examination Review and Revisions

  • RECA continues to refine the examinations with the feedback received from examination writers, industry associations, and course providers.
  • Our entire bank of 300 questions is being reviewed and feedback from those learners that have taken the exams will be incorporated. As part of this review, RECA has also contracted three lawyers specializing in condominiums to review exam content to ensure coordination with the competencies. We expect reports back by the second week of December, and we will make these reports public.

Multiple Opportunities to Write the Exam

  • To give learners as much opportunity for exam success, each learner was granted an initial write of the exam, then three additional rewrites should they be unsuccessful on the first attempt.

Course Content Review

  • Education providers are asked to allow RECA or an independent third-party review of course content for alignment with the competencies.
  • RECA has invited course providers to an education summit on December 5 to explore opportunities for collaboration to ensure better learner outcomes.


  • RECA continues to provide information about licensing requirements including education deadlines. For example, RECA hosted two broker forums and an online information session in November to speak directly to those affected.