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Update on Education Divestment


With the passing of the Real Estate Amendment Act 2020, the Government of Alberta tasked RECA with divesting itself of pre-licensing education and creating a framework where pre-licensing education is delivered by third-party course providers.

As previously announced in late 2021, RECA’s Board of Directors set June 1, 2022 as the education divestment date. This date was chosen after consultation with Industry Councils and is well ahead of the December 1, 2022 legislated date for education divestment.

RECA plans to cease to enrol individuals in RECA pre-licensing courses, as long as a recognized course equivalent is available and offered by a third-party course provider.

Introducing RECA Credentialing Services

RECA Education department is now called RECA Credentialing Services. This department will continue to ensure learners meet the eligibility criteria to begin education, as well as manage licensing examinations, which RECA continues to administer.

RECA remains committed to facilitating a greater choice in education while ensuring all licensees are competent and can protect the public.

If you have any questions regarding RECA’s education divestment process or the role of RECA Credentialing Services department, please email education@reca.ca.