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Education Deadline Fast Approaching for Newly Licensed Condominium Managers


by Doug Dixon, RECA Regulatory Compliance Advisor, Real Estate Brokers

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year! But we are, and we are fast approaching the November 30, 2022 deadline for conditionally licensed condominium managers to complete their education requirements. This applies to anyone who was granted a conditional condominium management associate or broker license in 2021 due to the changes to the Real Estate Act that created the regulatory framework of the condominium management industry.

Time is Running Out

With roughly six months left, let this act as a reminder to begin conditional course requirements as soon as possible. Individuals with conditional licenses who fail to complete the required education before the November 30, 2022 deadline, will be required to immediately cease practicing any condominium management activities that require a licence.

Choosing to challenge the exam should also not be left to the last minute, as should you be unsuccessful in the exam challenge, there may not be enough time to complete the course and retake the exam before the deadline.

To learn which courses and exams are required based on individual circumstances, please visit RECA’s Pre-Licensing Education webpage.

Practice Exams

To help you prepare for your licensing exam, you have the option of completing practice exams for a cost of $65 per attempt. You are not required to have taken or completed the course before attempting a practice exam.

Challenging Exams

RECA strongly encourages individuals complete a course prior to taking the related exam. However, individuals with a conditional licence who have at least 75 days experience in the last five years may challenge the exam(s). You should note, some of the exam questions will relate to regulation and RECA’s legislation. Individuals who have not previously been licensed by RECA before may not be familiar with this information. You should consider your personal experience and knowledge before choosing to challenge the exam(s).

If you choose to challenge the exams, you will only be permitted one challenge attempt. If not you are not successful in passing the exam, you will need to enrol in the necessary courses.

For more information, regarding exams please contact

Choosing Courses and Writing Exams

All three condominium management licensing courses are now available through recognized third-party course providers. The accompanying licensing exams are also available through your myRECA account. To successfully complete the education requirement, you must achieve a grade of at least 70% on the course exams.

RECA’s exams are specifically designed to test whether learners have developed the competencies required to provide competent service and to protect the public. RECA encourages you to carefully consider your individual learning needs and research course providers in order to choose courses that will prepare you to successfully complete the licensing exams.

Learn more about choosing a course provider.