RECA’s Proposed Strategic Priorities: Let us know what you think! Image

RECA’s Proposed Strategic Priorities: Let us know what you think!


We heard you!

From November 2021 to January 2022, RECA stakeholders like you, provided their thoughts on what trends, issues, and challenges they see in their industry now, and what they see coming in the future. Through this opportunity, stakeholders informed RECA of regulatory matters it should be focusing on, where red tape could be reduced, and the relevancy of RECA’s past strategic priorities. After carefully considering input from licensees, trade associations, consumers, government, and each of the four Industry Councils, RECA’s Board developed three broad strategic priorities that will inform the RECA 2022-25 Strategic Plan.

Heading 1: Regulatory Excellence. RECA is committed to accountability: demonstrating respect, results, and continuous improvement. Comprehensive Rules Review: examine the current rules to ensure effective consumer protection. Governance: Provide clear and consistent reporting on the achievement of our mandate. Licensing Framework: assess and, where necessary, adapt the licensing framework to reflect the current Real Estate Act. Education: facilitate greater choice in education while maintaining quality and high standards. Compliance: thorough and timely investigations to detect fraud, and where merited, administer education and discipline to reduce harm to consumers and promote licensee integrity. Heading 2: Trust and Confidence. RECA will promote trust in our regulatory capability. Protection: protect public from harm. Outreach: ensure the public is well-informed by providing ease of access to essential regulatory information. Collaboration: promote collaboration amongst regulators, licensees, and associations to deter deceptive, or fraudulent conduct and promote consumer disclosure. Engagement: involve stakeholders in a timely transparent and consistent manner to ensure meaningful and effective participation. Government Engagement: be a trusted agent and advisor to government regarding policy and independent regulatory oversight of the real estate sector. Heading 3: Organizational Resilience. RECA promotes change while seeking to be a resilient and sustainable organization. Culture: create a resilient culture in professionalism and consumer protection. Financial: ensure financial soundness with multiyear integrated plans. Resourcing: establish appropriate staffing and succession planning to meet RECA's mandate.

Your feedback throughout the strategic planning process has led directly to the proposed priorities, and now we need to hear from you again! Please take 20 minutes to let us know your thoughts on the proposed priorities. We understand your time is valuable, but your feedback to your regulator is also valuable. It can help shape how you are regulated moving forward. 

RECA Proposed Strategic Priorities Survey

The Board and all of RECA are committed to meaningful engagement with all stakeholders, and RECA will communicate with all stakeholders immediately when the 2022-25 Strategic Plan becomes available. RECA will also communicate how the feedback in this survey, and throughout the strategic planning process, impacted RECA’s strategic direction, and its role as a regulator. 

The deadline to provide your feedback is June 9, 2022.

If you would like to provide feedback beyond the questions in the survey, you may do so via email to

All stakeholder engagement conducted by RECA will follow the Stakeholder Engagement Policy. The Board believes strongly that all engagement must be timely, meaningful, consistent, equal, transparent, and effective.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in self-regulation. It is a privilege that only works when stakeholders take part, and when their voices are heard.