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Residential Property Manager Industry Council Update


Summary of activities since November 2021 from Don Newell, Chair

This is my first Industry Council message to you since the hundreds of new Condominium Managers became initially licensed by RECA as a result of the changes to the Real Estate Act that created the regulation of the condominium industry as of December 1, 2021. Welcome to all our new licensees!

The condominium management licensing process went smoothly, and we have substantially completed the task of bringing the industry under RECA’s regulatory umbrella. This is the culmination of a seven-year effort between the industry, RECA and the Alberta Government. RECA is extremely pleased to have Condominium Managers join the fold as RECA licensees, as we work together to deliver consumer protection and further strengthen the trust condominium boards and owners can have in the condominium management industry.

Thank you to all the industry members, RECA staff, condominium trade associations and members of the Condominium Management Implementation Advisory Committee for your hard work that led us to this important milestone.

Condominium Courses and Exams now Available

All three of the condominium management licensing courses are now available through third-party course providers. The accompanying exams are also available.

A reminder that all condominium managers with a conditional licence must complete their appropriate course(s)/exam(s) prior to the November 30, 2022 deadline in order to be fully licensed.

Competency Profiles & Education Divestment

We are pleased to announce that, after significant consultation with industry participants, the competency profiles for Property Manager Associate and real estate broker were approved. Third-party course providers can now develop education for property management licensees.

Divestment of RECA licensing education for all industries, including property management, continues to be on track for June 1, 2022. As noted above, condominium management courses are already currently being offered by recognized third party providers, and the accompanying exams are also available.

Until the divestment of education is complete, the current pre-licensing education for property managers offered by RECA continues to be available. As new third-party course providers develop and offer courses, RECA will notify stakeholders. After divestment of education delivery is complete, RECA will continue to administer all licensee examinations. The exams will be based on the same competencies used by third-party course providers to create their courses. For more information, see the pre-licensing information on

Residential Measurement Standard (RMS)

Together with the Residential Real Estate Broker Industry Council, the Residential Property Manager Industry Council sent a letter to the Minister of Service Alberta regarding how the RMS could apply to condominium and new home builders. The goal is that a consistent measurement standard for all types of homes in Alberta, including new condominiums, will allow consumers to make meaningful size comparisons.

Strategic Planning

RECA opened submissions for licensees to submit feedback on our strategic direction from November 2021 to January 2022 and we hosted online broker forums for property management and condominium management in mid-January 2022. This, along with consumer feedback, will inform the Industry Council and the Board on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders. We sincerely appreciate all the property management and condominium management licensees who took the time to participate on the webform, in the broker forums or elsewhere.

The Board is responsible for RECA’s strategic direction; however, the Industry Councils provide extensive feedback to the Board on our respective industries to aid the process, including holding a full-day strategic planning session for all Board and Industry Council members that occurred on February 14, 2022. The Board hopes to create a multi-year strategic plan for all industries RECA oversees, including the residential property management and condominium manager sectors. The Industry Council will make sure all property management and condominium industry feedback is heard by the Board in its upcoming strategic planning sessions.

Upcoming Stakeholder Engagement

RECA has plans for additional stakeholder engagement sessions this Spring in April/May 2022. Stay tuned for more information on how to participate.