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Condominium Manager Licensing Substantially Complete


Congratulations to all the newly licensed Condominium Managers, including the 177 brokerages and 575 individuals who became licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) since December 1, 2021. Your support for the licensing process and a regulated industry has allowed RECA to substantially complete the task of bringing the condominium manager industry under RECA’s regulatory umbrella.

This has been the culmination of a seven-year effort between the industry, RECA, and the Alberta Government. RECA is extremely pleased to have Condominium Managers join the fold as RECA licensees, as we work to improve consumer protection and further strengthen the trust condominium boards and owners can have in the condominium management industry.

Moving Forward

All condominium managers with a conditional licence must successfully complete the appropriate pre-licensing education exams by November 30, 2022. To learn which courses and exams you are required to take based on your circumstances, please visit RECA’s Pre-Licensing Education webpage. If required, the Fundamentals of Condominium Management course is currently available to be taken now. The Practice of Condominium Management course will be available within the next few weeks. Although RECA will allow licensees with at least 75 days of condominium management experience in the last five years to challenge the exam, this is not recommended. Some of the exam questions will relate to regulation and RECA’s legislation, which may not be familiar to current condominium managers who have not been licensed with RECA in another area.


The condominium management industry in Alberta is self-regulated, meaning the industry itself is responsible for ensuring their activities follow the rules and maintain consumer protection. Whether through electing Industry Council members who set and enforce standards, or through active communication with their peers in the industry, self-regulation only works when everyone takes part. The industry’s standards of conduct and business practices collectively will determine the value and integrity of the industry, and licensees are ultimately accountable for their conduct to clients, colleagues and the governing body. In the spirit of self-regulation, and to ensure consumers can be confident in the industry, please take note, if you see or hear of any companies or individuals providing condominium management services without a licence. RECA has done its best to identify all active condominium management companies for licensing, but there is no guarantee RECA identified them all. We appreciate your assistance in making sure the entire industry is properly licensed and accountable. A professional, accountable industry is one consumers can trust.

Thank you again to all of RECA’s new licensees, and please let us know if you have any questions.

For More Information

Please visit the RECA Condominium Manager Licensing page for more information on the licensing, education and practice requirements.