News Bytes – November 2021 Image

News Bytes – November 2021


Congratulations to Laura Sharen, RECA Industry Council Member

Laura Sharen, council member on the Commercial Real Estate Broker and Commercial Property Manager Industry Council, won BOMA Canada’s Member of the Year Award, which recognizes a BOMA member who has demonstrated leadership initiative, or service to the commercial real estate community. She will also be recognized at BOMA International’s 2022 conference next year in Nashville. Congratulations, Laura!

New Act and Board Rules Info Bulletin

RECA made some minor changes and republished the New Act and Board Rules Info Bulletin. This change makes it clearer that trade associations can create rules relating to their listing databases, and that those rules are still subject to agency law, meaning licensees must follow their client’s lawful instructions.  

Radon Reminder

According to new research, the reliability of radon testing is increasing outside of winter months. Previously, indoor radon levels were thought to be higher during winter.

The prevalence of this is decreasing. Data shows that radon is increasing even across seasons given home construction practices that reduce air (leakage or drafts)—in fact, as many as one quarter of homes can even be at its highest during summer periods when air conditioning is use.

RECA recommends licensees discuss radon with their seller, buyer, and landlord clients. Remember, if the radon level is 200 Becquerel or higher, you need to disclose that to potential buyers UNLESS you install a radon mitigation device before listing and the 90-day test indicates the new radon level is below 200 Becquerel. See RECA’s radon checklists for resources to use with your clients.