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Residential Property Manager Industry Council Update


Summary of Activities Since April

Condominium Manager Licensing

In preparation for the commencement of condo manager licensing on December 1, 2021, the Residential Property Manager Industry Council created licensing eligibility standards, requirements, and fee amendments. More on this topic is in this newsletter in the article titled Answering your
Questions about Condominium Manager Licensing. Several stakeholder engagement sessions with condo associations were held over the past few
months, and the Industry Council will continue hosting sessions in the coming months. RECA’s website also has a page about condo manager licensing, which includes frequently asked questions.

Condominium Manager Education

The Industry Council approved the condominium manager competencies and has communicated the education framework to course providers. The other Industry Councils also reviewed the framework in a timely manner, allowing communication to course providers to happen as soon as possible. RECA is now answering questions from potential course providers interested in providing condominium manager education.

Condominium Corporation Document Fees

The Industry Council discussed condominium corporation document fees, as this has been reported to RECA as an area of concern. RECA has advised Service Alberta that this is an area for continuing education of condominium corporation boards and managers.

Education Divestment (Property Management)

The Industry Council worked with the other industry councils and the Board to allow the education framework to be approved for consultation. The framework consists of the exam blueprint, pre-licensing education philosophy, and course and course provider requirements. Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Work has started on the property manager competencies, which will be consulted on and shared with stakeholders later this year.

Regulatory Processes

The Industry Council approved its first application, under Section 54 of the Real Estate Act, for a lifetime withdrawal from property management. This is one of the most serious consequences for an industry member and the decision to accept the application was thoroughly considered by the Industry Council.