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National Real Estate Competencies Survey



On behalf of the Real Estate Regulators of Canada (RERC), we are pleased to invite you to contribute to setting national competencies for new real estate licensees by completing the appropriate validation survey. Real estate licensees across the country will be completing this survey. It is an excellent chance for you to let your voice be heard and to contribute to your industry on a national scale.  

Competency Profile Survey

In Alberta, RECA’s Residential Real Estate Broker Industry Council, the Commercial Real Estate Broker and Commercial Property Manager Industry Council, and the Residential Property Manager Industry Council will use your feedback to develop education course requirements.

Purpose of the Competencies 

RERC have developed Pan-Canadian Competencies for real estate professionals to be used across Canada, by a variety of stakeholders, for many purposes, including:  

  • Designing educational programs and examinations/assessments; 
  • Regulating real estate professionals at entry-to-practice, re-entry to practice, and for the purposes of continuing professional development; 
  • Providing orientation and on-boarding of new licensees or support staff; 
  • Managing performance and identifying quality assurance, continuing competency, and professional development needs. 

The competencies will be used by a variety of stakeholders including: regulators, educators, examiners, employers, individual real estate licensees, and those seeking to practice in Canada.  

Quick FAQs 

Review the full FAQs for this survey project here

Who is conducting the survey?  
RERC has contracted CamProf Inc., a third-party firm and competencies expert, to conduct the survey. Regulatory bodies across Canada will have access to the results.  

Is the survey anonymous?  
Yes. This survey is anonymous and no personal information that could be used to identify you is collected. Responses will be analyzed and reported in aggregate form to CamProf. 

I’m busy – how long will it take?  
The survey will take you about 20-30 minutes to complete, but you can come back to it at a later time on the same device.  

Why should I do it? 
Taking the time to provide your input gives Canadian real estate regulators greater insight into the competencies required to enter the profession and it gives you an important opportunity to contribute to the real estate profession on a national level.  

When is the deadline?  
Monday, May 31. 

What is a competency? 
A competency is the ability of an individual to demonstrate the identified knowledge, skills, and abilities required to operate proficiently within a particular profession, occupation, or trade.  

It is defined using a short action statement describing what a real estate licensee must be able to perform to be considered competent at an entry-to-practice level.  

The competencies in this survey have been developed with the help of a working group of real estate professionals from across the country.