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Governance Highlights


January 20, 2021 Board Meeting

  1. Board approved the 2019-2020 Annual Report. The Board has directed RECA Administration to deliver a copy of Annual Report and Financial Statements to the Minister of Service Alberta, pursuant to Real Estate Act s.16.

  1. Board appointed Board Member Bill Briggs to the REIX Advisory Board.

  1. Board approved the creation of, terms of reference for, and appointed Chairs and Committee members on, three Standing Committees:
  • Hearings Committee—Board directs the Committee Chair to evaluate interest in committee involvement from among currently approved hearing panel public members and make a recommendation to the Board for appointment to this Committee.
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Governance and Human Resources—Board directs the Committee to commence an RFP process to retain an external recruiter to facilitate the recruitment for the Executive Director role and make a recommendation for a recruiter to the board.

  1. Board approved the continuation of Condominium Managers Implementation Advisory Committee (CMIAC) with a new term expiry of March 31, 2021, unless otherwise extended by the Board. Board directs CMIAC to submit its work product and recommendations to the Residential Property Manager Industry Council for consideration. The Residential Property Manager Industry Council will, in turn, submit its recommendations to the Board who shall then transmit the recommendation to the Minister of Service Alberta for consideration.

  1. Board will use round table discussions between the Board and Industry Councils to assist them in their collaboration.