Re-Introducing RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisors Image

Re-Introducing RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisors


The popular, without prejudice advisory services offered by RECA’s practice advisors is continuing under RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisors.

Beginning in 2012, the practice advisors offered timely, practical, confidential, without prejudice advice and guidance to brokers and broker delegates who have enforcement, standards of practice, or other regulatory issues or questions. Over the years, they have taken thousands of phone calls from brokers eager for guidance on regulatory matters. The practice advisors also gave hundreds of brokerage and association presentations on regulatory matters in that time.

Some have held the misconception that the practice advice given by the practice advisors included business advice. This has never been the case, so to clarify that misconception, RECA has changed the practice advisors to Regulatory Compliance Advisors.

Brokers and broker delegates will continue to receive the same without prejudice regulatory advice and guidance they have received for the past eight years.

Brokers and broker delegates with regulatory, standards of practice, enforcement, or other regulatory brokerage issues or questions can contact the Regulatory Compliance Advisors directly.

RECA’s Regulatory Compliance Advisors are also available to do online presentations on matters of interest to your brokerage. Contact them directly to discuss their availability to arrange your brokerage’s customized presentation.

Gary Siegle 

Regulatory Compliance Advisor – Mortgage Brokers 


Kristian Tzenov

Regulatory Compliance Advisor – Real Estate Brokers


Doug Dixon 

Regulatory Compliance Advisor – Real Estate Brokers