COVID-19 and Property Management Image

COVID-19 and Property Management


If you provide property management services to residential and commercial tenants and landlords, you are often dealing with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people entering, working, visiting, or otherwise interacting with spaces you manage on a day-to-day basis. The current COVID-19 pandemic means it’s no longer business as usual.

RECA has published new information specific to residential and commercial property management professionals on RECA’s COVID-19 and Real Estate webpage.

Information includes:

  • Residential Property Management Discussions with Landlords and Tenants
    • General Prevention
    • Marketing Rental Premises
    • Possible Rent Defaults
  • Commercial Property Management Pandemic Planning (developed in collaboration with BOMA Calgary and BOMA Edmonton), including,
    • How to Develop a COVID-19 Plan
    • How to Communicate with Landlords and Tenants
    • Possible Strategies to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission
    • How to Deal With Reports of COVID-19 in One of Your Buildings (real case study)

All industry professionals should be discussing COVID-19 with their clients. It is an important health concern to industry and the public. We encourage you to work cooperatively to find a solution that best fits your concerns, your client’s concerns, and the concerns of the persons you come into contact with as you are performing your job.