Council Highlights – April 2018 Image

Council Highlights – April 2018


  • Council added new action items to its 2016-2020 Strategic Business Plan, largely stemming from the Governance Committee’s work.
  • Council approved a motion to have an online annual meeting in early 2019, following approval of the Annual Report. The meeting will be an opportunity for stakeholders to receive an update on Council activities from the prior fiscal year, and to ask questions through a webinar-style presentation.
  • Council discussed correspondence from the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) and directed the Chair to respond to AREA. Council also directed RECA administration to meet with AREA administration to discuss and clarify AREA’s correspondence.
  • Council approved a forward calendar that sets out a schedule of regular agenda items for Council meetings. For example, Council will approve the Annual Report and Financial Statements at its January meeting, review strategic plan additions at its April meeting, and approve the annual budget at its July meeting.
  • Council approved a motion to extend the Term of the Legislation Review Committee.
  • Council defeated a motion to approve a revised Council Electronic Communications Policy that would facilitate a move to the Boardvantage communication platform, and directed it back to the Governance Committee for further review and amendment.