Council Highlights – July 2017 Image

Council Highlights – July 2017


  1. Council approves recommendations on openness and transparency

Council accepts recommendations put forth by the Governance Committee and RECA Administration regarding its openness and transparency practices, including:

  • Beginning with the January 2018 meeting:
    • RECA will post the Council Meeting Agenda on the RECA website three business days before the meeting
    • RECA will post Council Meeting Minutes on the RECA website after Council approves them
  • Beginning after the January 2018 meeting:
    • RECA will post a list of upcoming hearings on the RECA website, including the date, time, and location of the hearings.
    • RECA will post a Notice of Hearing, including allegations of misconduct, for scheduled Hearings.
    • RECA will remove the current restrictions on publication of information related to disciplinary decisions. RECA will update its publication guidelines to reflect this change.
  • RECA will research the feasibility of an online, Annual Meeting

For an in-depth look at Council’s openness and transparency decisions following extensive stakeholder consultation, please see the Openness and Transparency Decisions article in this edition of the Regulator.


  1. Council approves the 2017-2018 Budget

There is no increase to licensing fees in the 2017-2018 budget. Renewals begin in mid-August. Please watch for a RECA News announcing the opening of renewals in mid-August.


  1. Council approves an Enhanced Mentorship Policy for Council Members

The enhanced Mentorship Policy includes language on the responsibilities of mentors and mentees, and explanations of activities, training, and on-boarding programs mentors and mentees can implement.

RECA is dedicated to ensuring new Council Members seamlessly integrate with Council, and demonstrate the knowledge of self-regulation and what it means to be a Council Member. Mentorship programs are an opportunity to ensure consistent, effective governance practices, and that new Council Members feel comfortable taking part in Council and Committee meetings immediately.


  1. Council approves an updated RECA Spokesperson Policy

Council and RECA Administration recognize the importance of speaking with one voice to avoid confusion or misinformation. Previously, language concerning Council statements to the media and public officials was in the Council Code of Conduct. Read the updated, separated RECA spokesperson policy.


  1. Council approves a Consultation Policy

Continuing Council’s effort to be as open and transparent as possible, Council approved a formalized Consultation Policy, which sets out a principles-based approach to consultation.

The Policy recognizes that each consultation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. RECA will review each consultation topic and consultation methods available before proceeding.

The Policy adopts the International Association of Public Participation’s (IAP2) core values for public participation. For each consultation, RECA will prepare a plan that frames the boundaries of the process, select consultation tools depending on where the consultation falls on the consultation spectrum (inform, consult, involve, etc.), set out the consultation goal, and uphold the promise made to stakeholders at the outset. RECA will use a checklist that builds each consultation within those boundaries.

Through this policy, Council is demonstrating its commitment to effective consultation for supportable decision-making. Review this new consultation policy.