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News Bytes April 2017


Alberta Insurance Council Reminder to Mortgage Brokers – Renew Your Insurance Agent’s Licence

All Alberta mortgage brokers who are licensed to sell credit-related insurance are required to renew their insurance agents’ certificates of authority with the Alberta Insurance Council. The renewal period begins on May 1, 2017, and must be completed no later than June 30, 2017.

The Alberta Insurance Council website has a list of frequently asked questions about licence renewal available, and if you require additional information on licensing please contact the Alberta Insurance Council at For general information, visit the Alberta Insurance Council’s website.


RECA Case Summaries now include practice tips

In our latest communications survey, industry professionals told us they want more practice tips and educational components in our communications. Thanks to that feedback, RECA now includes educational tips in our monthly Case Summary publication.

The Case Summaries themselves still offer information about each decision, and the tips provide insight as to what the industry member should have done. The expanded information about decisions provides Alberta’s industry professional with additional tools and information to apply to their own practice.

Did you also know you can review complete disciplinary decisions by clicking on the links in the Case Summaries publication? If you click on the underlined blue heading at the start of each summary, it takes you to the complete decision posted on

Thank you to the industry professionals who shared their feedback, helping us enhance our communications to better serve the needs of Alberta’s industry professionals.


Remember: Authorized industry professionals may use RECA’s logo in their advertising.

RECA’s logo is a seal of sorts; it affirms you’re licensed; that you’re part of a regulated profession consumers can trust.

This logo stands for something. Make the fact that you’re licensed as part a regulated profession stand out to consumers.

Learn more about using RECA’s logo and download an approved version.