Council Highlights – April 2017 Image

Council Highlights – April 2017


Council reviews consultation with stakeholders on the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS)

Principle 4 to remain the same

After reviewing consultation feedback, Council decided to keep RMS Principle 4 in its current form. Principle 4 states that “For properties with common walls, such as half-duplexes, townhouses, and apartments, measure the interior perimeter walls (paint-to-paint) at floor level. An additional area representation may be made assuming exterior measurements.”

Principle 2 now allows 2% tolerance for measurements

Council approved a change to Principle 2, which now states: “Identify if the measurement system is metric or imperial, and apply it consistently. Measurements must be calculated to within 2% of the RMS size.”  Real estate professionals must continue to apply all the Principles in the RMS when measuring property, despite the new tolerance allowed.


RMS Working Group

Council asked Administration to form a working group of all stakeholders to cooperatively develop a strategy to transition to a single measurement methodology. The working group composition includes all stakeholders, associations, brokers, real estate professionals on the ground, and consumers.

Read more about Council’s Principle 4 consultation and decision.


Council directs RECA to develop a consultation on its stakeholder engagement policy

 Council asked administration to develop a consultation paper regarding the current Stakeholder Engagement Policy. RECA will launch that consultation with all stakeholders this summer. Watch for more information.


Governance Committee reported to Council on development of a consultation policy

Council asked the Governance Committee to develop consultation guidelines that can be applied in different ways depending on the type of consultation required. The Committee previously concluded that a one-size-fits-all consultation policy would be too rigid for RECA and the industry. The diversity of RECA stakeholders and the disparate nature of the topics requiring consultation mean RECA requires a nimble and flexible consultation framework.