Council Highlights – January 2017 Meeting Image

Council Highlights – January 2017 Meeting


Council reviewed the Good Character Policy prepared by RECA Administration

As part of its third-party regulatory review of RECA in 2016, Field Law recommended RECA increase the information available to applicants and industry members about its “good character” policies. Field Law further recommended that RECA provide written information on how it applies its good character criteria in licensing decisions and disciplinary outcomes. RECA’s good character policies are not new; however,  RECA is sharing them in writing with applicants, and current industry members.  These policies assist potential professionals if there is some question of their suitability to hold a licence with RECA , and assists current professionals who may become the subject of a conduct review or disciplinary proceedings.

Read more about the Good Character Policy in this newsletter.

Read the good character policy documents on


Approved the Openness and Transparency discussion paper and requested consultation on the paper

Council reviewed and approved an Openness and Transparency discussion paper, which will serve as the basis for consultation with stakeholders on how Council can increase its openness and transparency. Watch for the launch of that consultation in late February/early March.


Approved an updated Stewardship Reporting Policy.

This policy supports Council’s responsibility for oversight of RECA’s operations. The Executive Director reports to Council on matters related to fraud and internal controls, privacy, compliance with legislation, compliance with employee policies, ethical conduct, and litigation. Council added “outstanding litigation or court matters involving RECA” to the list of what the Executive Director reports to Council annually. Review the Stewardship Reporting Policy.


Approved a Whistleblower Policy for Staff

Council approved a policy outlining the procedure and protections for staff who have a concern about any actual, potential, or perceived wrongdoings related to or involving the business and operations of RECA Administration and Council.


Approved the Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements

RECA’s 2015-2016 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements are available on