Shafik Shivji - Not Eligible for Industry Membership for Three Years

Calgary, Alberta – On March 25, 2011, a Hearing Panel of the Real Estate Council of Alberta ordered Shafik Shivji to pay a fine of $12,000 and costs in the amount of $9,592. Additionally, the order states Mr. Shivji is not eligible to apply for authorization as a real estate associate, mortgage broker or appraiser for a period of three years, and that before returning to the industry, he must complete the Real Estate Associates Program, pass the provincial qualifying exam and meet any other licensing requirements in place at the time.

Mr. Shivji was formerly a real estate associate registered with Calgary Independent Realty Ltd. o/a C.I.R. and then with Signet Real Estate Ltd. o/a Signet Commercial, and formerly a mortgage broker registered with Gecko Mortgage Capital Corp.

The Hearing Panel found Mr. Shivji contravened the Code of Conduct and Real Estate Act when he failed to co-operate with, and provide any information requested to, a person appointed under the Real Estate Act to conduct an investigation.

To read the complete Hearing Panel order, please click here.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is an independent, non-government agency, responsible for regulating real estate, mortgage broker, and real estate appraisal industry professionals under Alberta’s Real Estate Act. RECA is mandated to protect consumers and to provide services that enhance and improve the industry and the business of industry members.