Alberta Transportation Removing non-Permitted Real Estate Advertising Signs

The Government of Alberta Transportation department recently brought the issue of using non-permitted advertising signs in provincial highway right-of-ways to RECA’s attention. Although Alberta Transportation had previously taken a tolerant attitude to non-permitted advertising signs along provincial highways, the increase of signage used by industry members has created a safety issue for the travelling public.

Section 11 of the Highway Development and Protection Regulation states this type of signage requires a permit from the Government of Alberta Highway Operations department.  Effective immediately, all real estate associates must apply for a no-cost permit for advertising signs outside of the highway right-of-way, and no signs are to be placed inside the right-of-way boundaries.  For example:

Yard signs located on private property outside the highway right-of-way are not generally an issue.  Please note that small, temporary directional signs that don’t obstruct a driver’s view of an intersection or cause damage to vehicles that may run off the road will be left in place by Alberta Transportation for a reasonable period of time before removal.

Be advised that the Transportation Department will now follow their standard process to remove non-permitted real estate advertising signs.  For more information regarding this issue call or write to:

Steve Otto                 

Alberta Transportation 

2nd Floor, 4999– 98th Avenue 

Edmonton, Alberta.  T6B 2X3     

1-780- 643-0796

Highway Development and Protection Regulation 


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