Guides and Policies

Industry Professional Practice Guides
  Guide to the Residential Measurement Standard in Alberta
  Transaction Brokerage Practice Guide for Industry Members
  Designated Agency Practice Guide for Industry Members
  RECA Advertising Guidelines (Updated February 2016)
Guides for the Complaint and Professional Conduct Review Process
  Guide to the Voluntary Broker Resolution Process
  Guide to Complaints: Industry Professionals
  Guide to Complaints Related to Unauthorized Practice
  Guide to Investigations for Consumers
  Guide to a Professional Conduct Review for Industry Professionals
  Appealing the Executive Director's Decision That No Further Action be Taken
Guides to Disciplinary Proceedings
  Disciplinary Decisions and the Hearing Process
  Information for Unrepresented Industry Members
  Pre-Hearing Conference Guidelines - Practice and Procedure for Hearing and Appeal Panels
  Hearing and Appeal Practice and Procedures Guidelines
Guides to Trust Assurance and Practice Review
  Guide to Trust Assurance and Practice Review for Real Estate Industry Members
  Guide to Trust Assurance and Practice Review for Mortgage Industry Members
  Guide to Practice Reviews for Real Estate Appraisers
  Guide to Online Filing of Compliance Audit Forms
Communications Guides
  RECA Publication Guidelines
Other Guides
  Guide to Opening a Brokerage
  myRECA Online Guide - Real Estate and Mortgage
  myRECA Online Guide - Appraisers and Candidates
  Notification to the Executive Director Guide
  Errors and Omissions Insurance Guidelines for Mortgage Brokerages
  Guide to Written and Oral Submissions in Licensing Reviews for Industry Members
  Also Known As (AKA) Name Request policy
  Good Character Policy - Consumer and Industry Services - Licensing
  Good Character Policy - Professional Conduct Review
  RECA Social Media Policy and Procedures