Suitability Review

If you are considering doing a suitability review application, please read the Good Character Policy - Licensing and the Good Character Guide for Sutability Review Applicants (PDF) before beginning the application.

A suitability review is a process to determine if an event that occurred in an individual’s past makes them unsuitable for licensing.

You may request a suitability review to avoid investing in pre-licensing education only to have your licence application refused because of something in your past (criminal record, discipline, etc). There is a $200 non-refundable fee for a suitability review.

You can request a suitability review through the myRECA system. Visit and follow the instructions to Create an Account. For more information on Creating an Account, logging in and requesting a Suitability Review, review the myRECA tutorials.

Suitability issues can include whether you:

As part of your suitability review application, you will have to upload supporting documentation (eg. police report, sentencing report, disciplinary documents).
If you have a criminal record, the suitability review may take the following things into consideration:

RECA will notify you when the executive director has completed the suitability review. The executive director’s decision is not eligible for further review or appeal.

Please contact an Information Officer for more information on applying for a suitability review.